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Confederation for automated systems (CAS) was established in 2009 for the purpose of providing integral programs and solutions for business and professions in addition to a section where professional in used to gibe specialized training courses in the areas of accounting , management , finance banks and insurance. These courses are accredited by Jordan association of certified public accountants and this makes the training center accredited in the Middle East.
The company is located in Shmaissani, Jawaharet Shmaissani complex in front of the commodore hotel and in front of GULF AIR

Mr. Issa Habash

Who is the manager of the training center and who has many certificated and credentials in the area of accounting and financial training. Also he has a long experience as well as being the general manager for the confederation bureau company.

And Mr. Nedal Nweran

BA IN IT from the Jordan university , who worked in the area of programming in addition to have taken many programming courses , he is the manager of the IT department that is specialized in the are of different software programs, protection systems and other technological services.

Our services:

• Software
We have many software that help supervise and organize the businesses such as:
Point of sale

It is flexible, precise, and used in tens of companies in many areas to serve the business such as restaurants, pharmacies boutiques warehouses and accounting for the purpose of managerial and financial supervision.

• General ledger

Specialized accounting software for many businesses that specialize in commercial, industrial, agriculture general or medical services. The software has a flexible accounting tree, responsibility centers, estimated budgets, cash flow statements and financial reports according to the International Standards for financial reports such as Balance sheet, Income statements, and complete financial analysis.

• Human Resources
One of the strongest software related to the human element as it has capacity for date of employments, all personal information of the employee as well as the financial information related to the employee i.e. salary, leaves, vacations, with the possibility of linking it to the work hours system that works according to finger prints.

• Travel agencies software

A complete program specialized with travel agent sector, such as Ticketing, outgoing , incoming. And it’s linked to a complete financial and accounting system and it’s used by many travel agents.

• Developing Computer Networks
And linking the main server with equipment and complete wire or wireless installation.

• Security & surveillance Software

Installing Integral security and surveillance systems including surveillance camera for inside or outside sites working day and night with the possibility of linking it to the internet and monitoring from a remote location.
Installing electronically operating door systems.

For villas, garages and company entrance that work through remote cards.

• Time cards

Time card machines are available for starting and ending of work time, with complete employee report with the ability to link it to the Human Resource Software.

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Amman – Jordan

Shmesani – In front of the Commodor Hotel – Jawharet Al Shmesani building.

Tel: +962 6 5684205
Fax: +962 6 5699857