Our Services

– Auditing and accounting according to the international standards.
– Designing and preparing of internal, accounting, financial, warehousing and Human Resource systems, that is according to known regulations and according to the unique nature of the company.
– Train accountants through computerized accounting systems.
– Consultancy in income tax and sales tax.

Income Tax Service

1. We bill the schedules of the personal estimates for the companies and individuals at the end of the fiscal year.
2. We follow up the primary audit preformed by Income tax Department of the companies and individuals.
3. Attending the discussion meetings with the Income Tax Department estimators.
4. Follow up the works of clearance and payments of due amounts and make payments and or make payments by installments.
5. Open new files at the Income Tax Department.
6. Advise and supply clients with the tax policies that apply to the nature of their businesses in accordance to the laws and regulations.
7. Supply the Income Tax Department with all requested information needed to complete tax estimations.
8. Follow up objections to the Income Tax Department’s resolutions in order to reach the final form agreed on by all parties.

Sales Tax Services

1. Monthly audit the accounts of the clients registered with the General Sales Tax Department. Then fill up the form according to the laws regularly.
2. Provide consultancy with respect to the laws for individuals and companies.
3. Mall all the required adjustments of the forms if we find any errors by the client.
4. Timely payments to Sales Tax Department.
5. Create the mechanism to facilitate and conduct the work for the registered clients according to the laws.
6. Follow up cases that arise with the Sales Tax Department.
7. Registering new clients with the Sales Tax Department.
8. Advise the client with any change or adjustments to the laws applicable.
9. Advise and supply clients with the tax policies that apply to the nature of their businesses in accordance to the laws and regulations.

Auditing Services

We audit our clients according to the latest International Systems and standards. In performing audits we aim not just to provide our opinion on the financial statements but rather to provide the management with suggestions and recommendations to improve and enhance the financial and accounting systems used. In addition, we pay special efforts to become among the basic consultants to help the management in the decision making process.

To achieve such goals and to stay professionally neutral as auditors we put our selves before the following responsibilities:

1. Obtaining the specialized expertise in all economical, financial, and industrial sectors in addition to the services sector.
2. Deep study to the nature of business in relation to finances and accounting.
3. Close and strong co-operation with our clients’ employees to increase the efficiency of our work.
4. Quality control on the work with the participation of top management in all stages.
5. Make necessary audit programs which makes us mirror the internal control System.
6. Locate the procedures which achieve the objectives of the internal control.
7. Locate the weaknesses of the applied internal control and draw the attention of high level management.
8. Regular meetings with clients management to solve any outstanding points.

Accounting Services

With respect to dividing the audit work from the accountancy work we established new department for bookkeeping and accountancy.

The accountant job is to know the result of company’s activities (profit and loss) and financial position at the date of issuing the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements. Therefore, our office do the following steps:
1. Create complete accounting system according to our office computerized system. Create an accounting chart that suits the nature of our client’s business.
2. Design the accounting vouchers which suits the nature of the clients business.
3. Design complete documents which lead to business cycle and accounts statements.
4. Do data entries through the accounting transactions.
5. Extract financial statements (monthly, quarterly & yearly) and give it to the management.
6. Examine the internal accuracy on the Financial management.
7. Prepare the Balance sheet along with the financial statements.

Other Services

1. Register clients at the social security Department and work as a co-coordinator between the client and social security Department. Fill special forms regarding new staff added and or employees exited. Prepare the forms monthly payments and deliver the money to the Social Security Department.